Auditor Competency

It's simple – Steritech believes in providing an assessment program that helps our customers improve. To do that, we employ people that have foodservice and operational backgrounds, giving them the knowledge and experience needed to understand the challenges your locations face.

Our Specialists' goal is to provide an objective, fair, but consultative and positive assessment that leaves your locations feeling like Steritech is a true partner there to help them improve. Learning and adoption are more successful when positive feedback outweighs constructive criticism. That's why our Specialists practice 6:1 positive acknowledgement – on average, six positive reinforcements for every one area of opportunity to improve. It’s a method that gets results – and earns rave reviews for quality, value, and consistency from location-level employees during post-assessment surveys conducted by our Customer Care Center.

This all begins with rigorous training at The Steritech Institute®. Our Specialists start with advanced food safety training to ensure compliance with U.S. Food and Drug Administration Model Food Code, state, municipality and other regulatory standards. They also receive industry training, to develop an understanding of compliance requirements, best practices, and issues facing their customers. Then, they undergo specialized brand training, so they understand the unique policies, procedures, and practices of the brands that they serve. Our Specialists also receive ongoing interpersonal skills development training to help them provide a better assessment. To ensure calibration and consistency, our teams undergo regular performance assessments where they are scored on fairness, accuracy, and more.

These in-field Specialists are supported by a staff of food scientists, dietitians, certified health professionals, and microbiologists at The Steritech Institute® who provide continual technical enhancements and resources for program development and assistance.